New Things to Think About in Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals

New Things to Think About in Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals

Think of the anxiety that comes with being lost. Now add a layer of fear and a good dose of nerves caused by dealing with medical tests, sickness and surgery – or coming to see friends and family coping with them. That’s what patients and visitors feel when they can’t find their way in a hospital. “To be sick and dealing with cancer issues in a building that is not user friendly is your worst nightmare,” said a patient quoted in a 2014 Wall Street Journal article on the topic. Statistics back up such anecdotal information from patients. According to Deloitte […]

Wayfinding Digital Signage for Hospitals

Wayfinding Digital Signage in Hospital Whitepaper : The Cost of Getting Lost When’s the last time you were in a hospital? How easy was it to find where you were going? Did you have to ask for directions? 30% of first-time visitors to a hospital will get lost and the cost of this problem is adding up – the cost of getting lost. The growing size and complexity of hospital campuses is a reality. Many patients already feel nervous and scared and the anxiety of getting lost or missing an appointment can be frustrating. Frustrated patients report lower customer satisfaction […]

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