Sound Strategy, Great Content and the Human Touch: Increasing Share of Wallet in Banking

Sound Strategy, Great Content and the Human Touch: Increasing Share of Wallet in Banking

With a slow-growing economy and strong competition, keeping customers and increasing their share of wallet is a big deal in traditional banks these days. While thorough onboarding, excellent customer service and transparency in fees all play a role in retaining, cross-selling and up-selling clients, you might be surprised to learn how important good communication is in achieving the same. “Communication has the most significant impact on increasing share of investable assets” at any given bank, according to a recent J.D. Power study. A coordinated, three-part digital signage solution can improve that communication and help banks sell additional products. Think of […]

Real People, Real Stories: Getting and Keeping Millennials as Your Bank’s Customers

Real People, Real Stories: Getting and Keeping Millennials as Your Bank’s Customers

Apparently, despite their numbers, sightings of millennials1 in banks these days are akin to catching a glimpse of a rare species of bird. When it comes to banking, this much-studied generation is both similar to and different from the Baby Boomers who precede them. According to a Forbes survey of its 30 Under 30 nominees last year, they are ambitious; owning a home and potentially a business are important to them. Eliminating debt is a priority. And more than half say their biggest financial regret is not saving enough money, something many soon-to-be retired 50- and 60-year-olds can relate to. […]

Your Bank’s Digital Signage Network: Time For a Reset?

Here are five ways to get the most out of your digital signage solution: Digital signage is now commonplace in bank and credit union branches across North America. But how many of those networks are getting the most out of the marketing opportunity? When you look at the screens in your branches are you satisfied that they’re having a tangible impact on your business? Are they improving customer communication, enhancing the branch or opening more accounts? If not, a digital signage rest may be in order. Don’t worry. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to rip everything out and start […]

Employee Communication in Banking

We’ve heard a lot about the branch transformation in the last few years and a lot of focus has been on the physical redesigning of bank branches… but what about the driver of interaction and transactions within bank and credit union branches? Your employees. Employee communication Employee communication is an important and often overlooked aspect of the branch transformation. Employees who understand their role within a business are overall happier in the workplace, work harder, stay with the company longer, have less work-place accidents and generate more revenue. Siemens reports that a business with 100 employees has an average of […]

Digital Signage for Banks and the Branch Transformation

Digital Signage for Banks and the Branch Transformation. The world of branch banking is rapidly changing. With the growing popularity of online and mobile banking, banks and credit unions need to make the most of the customers who come into branches. Here at Convergent, we understand that problems that modern banks and credit unions face. Our banking digital signage solutions make an impact through engaging, interactive media that let you: · Sell products – Let your customers know of all your offerings on signage strategically placed throughout your branch. You can even target specific clients through time-based play-listing or facial-recognition […]

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