It’s no secret that Employee Engagement is critical in the success of any organization. Now, with Big Data and Analytics offering greater insight into the key elements determining success, it has become increasingly evident that incremental improvements in Employee Engagement drive dramatic improvements across a wide range of metrics. These include productivity, customer satisfaction, employee retention, defects and accidents, absenteeism, revenue growth, and stock performance.

This has led many organizations to invest in improving their employee engagement. These are most often multi-pronged strategies aimed at establishing strong bi-directional communications, while also establishing and reinforcing the corporate culture, mission, and values.

Digital Signage offers a highly-effective channel in implementing a blended engagement strategy, helping improve communications, culture, and the workplace environment.

Here are eight ways that digital signage helps improve employee engagement:

A Visual Medium – Roughly 65% of humans identify themselves as visual learners. This helps explain the limited effectiveness of email and other text-based forms of communications. With digital signage, your message is integrated with graphical elements to produce a more impactful result that better resonates with your employees.

Message Retention – The digital signage format allows your messaging to be clear and concise. It also allows your message to be repeatedly reinforced in a non-intrusive manner. As in advertising, the cumulative result of these micro-immersions is an increased awareness and retention of your message.

Immediacy – In critical moments, digital signage offers immediacy for rapidly communicating a message across your organization. This helps remove ambiguity, providing accurate information to your organization, allowing it to better perform.

Reaching Non-Digital Employees – In many industries – including retail, manufacturing, and transportation – large subsets of the workforce do not have regular access to digital devices. Signage networks allow you to overcome this technology barrier and better engage with these associates.

Cross-Departmental Utilization – One issue confronting many large organizations is that departments, or regions, become isolated and unaware of news and accomplishments from other groups. Digital Signage platforms allow diverse regions and departments to contribute content, resulting in a better informed workplace. This improves moral, performance, and cohesion throughout the enterprise.

Direct Communications – Surveys indicate that poor communications is the most common driver of employee disengagement. This is not always the company’s fault. An organization can be executing a flawless corporate communications strategy, but if an individual manager is a poor communicator, their direct reports are more likely to become disengaged. Digital Signage helps mitigate this risk by establishing a direct channel to reach those employees.

Social Integration – Employees are better engaged when they believe that their voice matters. Integration of social media into a signage platform allows for a bi-directional dialogue that is beneficial to all stakeholders. Note that care needs to be given in the selection and governance of these platforms to optimize their positive impact.

News & Entertainment – Digital Signage also allows your organization to address your employee’s desire to be connected to happenings outside of the workplace. It also provides a platform to entertain and enlighten, helping produce a happier, better-performing workforce.

As businesses of all sizes look to improve their competitiveness and performance, the need for successful strategies to engage employees is proving essential. Digital signage offers a valuable tool in achieving this success.


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