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Employee Communications

It’s difficult to get important emails to stand out in employee’s inboxes. Our digital signage solutions provide a reliable communications channel, allowing you to reinforce corporate culture and turn employees into brand ambassadors without having to rely on email.

More than birthday announcements and company events, it’s an entirely new communication channel for your executives to better engage and inspire employees. Not only is this empowering them as brand ambassadors, it also displays a level of transparency that is important to younger generations.

Studies have shown that engaged employees drive better financial performance. Employee communication displays keep employees engaged, on the same page and clear about priorities.

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Employee Spotlight

Your employees are the soul of your organization, so recognize them like rock stars! We leverage employee video with data-driven content to deliver employee spotlight messages that add flair and excitement.

Show real-time numbers and promote top performance in sales, customer service and other functions can inspire competition that helps organizations meet and exceed goals. Who wants to be in the spotlight? Everyone!

Video, graphics and data are intelligently populated to create broadcast quality messages in near real time.

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Guest Check-In

A first impression is a big deal, so let’s get it right with digital check-ins. Our guest check-in is effortless for visitors and reception staff. The system is automated and handles everything from guest registration and check out to signing an NDA and printing badges. Once a guest is registered their host gets an immediate SMS notification that their guest has arrived and all logs are securely stored.

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Meeting Room Signs

Meeting rooms are in high demand, which can make it difficult to find an available one. We make it easy for employees to search for and book rooms based on availability, number of meeting attendees, purpose of the meeting and in-room resources. They can search for meeting rooms across multiple locations and time zones, instantly knowing the availability…all inside Outlook.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Exchange and Google, the system synchronizes schedules automatically. It also drives productivity by taking away the hassle of finding unoccupied meeting rooms and interruptions in the middle of meetings.

Meeting room signs make the booking status clear and visible for all, right at the meeting room door. Meeting room and guest check in designs can be tailored to reflect your company brand and the digital door sign can be mounted in both portrait and landscape mode.

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Sprawling corporate offices can make it difficult for visitors to find their way. Digital wayfinding can help. Delivering a better experience, digital wayfinding reduces visitor stress and makes it easy to quickly find where they’re going.

Guests can interact with digital maps on touchscreen kiosks or put the experience right in the palm of their hand. Accessible with all smartphones and browsers, visitors have all the information they need…without having to download an app.

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Data Visualization

Real-time data gives your employees the right information to make quick and educated decisions. Pulling data from multiple systems, we can deliver the information they need, when they need it.

Communicating KPIs keeps everyone on the same page. There’s no confusion about what’s important; it’s being constantly measured and communicated. Data visualization is a great way to show manufacturing efficiency, new sales or opportunities, customer satisfaction scores, call center efficiency or web conversion rates.

Offering complete transparency, these displays give everyone insight on how each area of the business is doing—breeding accountability. It also helps workers connect to the bigger picture and understand their place in achieving goals.


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